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  • Yes, I know this is a topic that has been talked about time and time again, *but* I hate those damn evil spammers. In particular, I can’t understand how they get around my anti-spam techniques.

    First: all the spam I get contains either “poker”, “insurance”, or “casino” in the author field.

    So, I thought a simple test in wp-comments-post.php to disallow any of those words in the author field would prevent spam. This is – and I know this could be neatened up – was how I knocked it out:

    $caught = 0;

    $bad_words = array (

    foreach ($bad_words as $value) {
    if (strpos($author, $value) != FALSE) {
    $caught = 1;

    if ($caught == 1) {
    echo "I'm sorry, you've used invalid words in your author name, please try again.";

    (And yes, I know I could halve the number of lines by kicking the post straight out without the second if statement, and the whole $caught nonsense. But I was hacking… give me a break here.)

    So I enter it.

    And test it. Normal stuff gets through, stuff with “bad words” in the author field does not.

    Yet still I get spam from “online poker”. I check my logs – what on earth is happening?

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?



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  • Why don’t you just get Kitten’s Spaminator, Kitten’s Spam Words, and the Tarpit? These three plugins together make a pretty powerful shield once you’ve got them trained. Spam never makes it to my pages anymore.

    or the spam stopgap extreme plugin….no spam since activating it…

    I use Stopgap Extreme and it has worked great… Until yesterday. Then I got flooded with freakin’ Trackback Spam!!!!! The latest horseshyte from our spamming sub-culture. I installed Moderate Trackback and Moderate Pingback. So far, so good.

    But there needs to be a better solution. Pings and Tracks are a security hole it seems. (I’m running v1.22)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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