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    I’ve disabled the Day view on Display settings. Even if I have disabled it, if someone try to open directly the url (i.e. /calendar/2016-11-28/( the pages are still visible.

    This is causing Google Webmaster Tools to warning me about a lot of “Soft 404” pages (pages without content) and it’s not the best for SEO purpose.

    Is there a way in order to disable the daily view and get a 404 if someone try to open a day page?


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  • Hey @fabiograsso,

    Thanks for posting, glad like our plugin, & I’m happy to help.:)

    Since this isn’t a built-in feature of our plugin, this kind of request would require some customization. We have some resources for doing that here. If you need to find someone to help with the customizations, we also have some tips for finding help here.

    Hope this helps!



    Hello @shelbelliott,
    I don’t think that’s a customization… The default options provide the ability to disable the day view, so I expect that if this is turned off, it doesn’t work.

    I would not be wrong, but in the past it was just so … Is it possible that’s something introduced with the latest versions?


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    Plugin Contributor ggwicz


    Hey Fabio,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    What’s happening here is that you have disabled the Day View fine, but that those links you mention for individual “Days” are actually empty archive pages—hence Google reporting them as “soft 404s”.

    To be clear, soft 404s are not an actual problem per se; nothing is broken, there’s no penalty, etc. Google’s tools are simply diagnostic in this regard.

    To learn more about what it means to have soft 404s and how to “fix” them, or why not to worry about it, check out the reply from Brook in our premium forums here:


    Next, please check out this knowledgebase article on our site for more information:

    ☝️ With this information in mind, no, this is not the result of something just arising from a recent version update. And as for altering how our plugins work so that something different happens here, this is what Shelby was referring to as a customization; altering the plugin functionality to mitigate the reporting of soft 404s is possible, but only with some extensive custom coding which is beyond the scope of support we can provide.

    I hope this information helps!

    Hello @ggwicz,
    beyond the impact – questionable – on SEO.

    I’m increasingly convinced That the plugin does not work as you’d expect if I decide to disable a mode of viewing events, this must be disabled. I cannot risk a user can find hidden pages that I don’t expect it on my site. This is not acceptable.

    I expect that when I disable a feature, it will disappears, not tha it’s still accessible but hidden.

    If you think it’s not so I will try to found alternatives, but I remain convinced that it isn’t the behavior expected from that option.


    Plugin Contributor ggwicz


    Hey Fabio,

    Thanks for following up.

    To be clear, disabling the Day View works totally well.

    You have successfully disabled the Day View; the day links are NOT the Day View and cannot be disabled.

    You cannot turn segments of time off in our calendar—you can not make certain months not exist, or certain days not exist, for example.

    So, if somebody goes to /events/2018-12 — which is the month of December, 2018 — then regardless of if there are events or the month view, a user can still go to this URL and it will be a soft 404.

    As a comparison, let’s say you have blog posts at Let’s say a user thinks there is a post titled “Fabio’s Great Blog Post” on your site, but there isn’t.

    If they go to in search of that blog post, they will be met with a 404, just like if they go to a date on our calendars that doesn’t have events!

    The difference is our calendar is a soft 404, the blog post a hard 404. You can read about this difference up in the links I shared above if you want.

    But I hope this helps to clarify:

    Disabling the Day View totally works fine; 404s have nothing to do with “the disabling of features” in our plugins. Links to individual days are not the same thing and are not related to the front-end design feature of our plugins called the “Day View”.


    Plugin Contributor geoffgraham


    Hey there! This thread has been inactive for a while so we’re going to go ahead and mark it Resolved. Please feel free to open a new thread if any other questions come up and we’d be happy to help. 🙂

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