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  • I installed this plugin and have two widgets, one for a Today’s Popular Post and Week’s Popular Posts. Everyday, sometime in the afternoon, all the stats inside the Today’s Popular Posts widget disappears, only to re-appear in the morning, I think after midnight. The Weekly stats works just fine, so I know it’s not a connection problem. Not sure what is causing and I am out of answers. I am connected to using an API key. FYI, I am on the Pacific time zone, just in case it’s related to the time zones.

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  • Oh I forgot to include the site: … the widget is at the bottom.

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Thats very interesting… What are the settings of the Widget set to?

    Hi Steven,

    Here are the settings:
    Number of posts: 9
    Time Interval: Day
    Display Number of Views: Ticked
    Display as: Thumbnail + Title
    Exclude Posts: blank
    Display only from selected post types: Post (yes), Feedback (not selected)
    Displayed on all categories

    Also, I use Widget Logic plugin, but not configured on any of these widgets. So the Widget Logic field at the bottom is displayed but it is blank.



    Steven, it looks like the Daily posts and view counts disappear after 4PM and comes back after 12 midnight. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    I have a few ideas. Do you know if your website gets any views between those hours? Also, what Time Zone are you in and around what time do you see your Jetpack stats reset for the day? For example, my stats reset for me around 6pm Mountain Standard Time.

    My website gets an average of 300,000 page views a day, and the bulk of that comes in during the night, since 60% is from the Middle East/Asia. So there are a lot of visitors when the plugin is not showing. I have not really paid any attention on when the stats reset, but I am keeping an eye on it and will let you know. I am in California (Pacific Time Zone). Thanks!


    It might be related to the difference between UTC time and Pacific time. I think is synced to UTC and my server is on Pacific Time.

    12:00AM UTC is 4:00PM Pacific. My stats disappear at 4:00PM Pacific which is 12:00AM UTC, and re-appears at 12:00AM Pacific. So that tells me there is a syncing problem. So I’ll change my WordPress time to UTC to jive with and see what happens.



    I solved the problem. My server time was set to Los Angeles (Pacific Time). I switched to UTC and the widget re-appeared.

    My WordPress installation time is ignored, it doesn’t matter how I set it, the problem was still there. So, finally I rooted into my server and changed the server time to UTC and the widget re-appeared.

    The only thing with this now is my stats resets at 4PM instead of 12 midnight, which is a little odd for a ‘Daily’ stats counter.

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Let me know if the latest version fixes the problem of stats disappearing.

    Still not working 🙁 This time both the Day and Weekly stats are disappearing. I have tried switching WordPress and my server to Pacific/Los Angeles and UTC, same problem.

    I’m going to revert back to the previous version.

    BTW, I was also told by my server Admin the new version (1.0.9) may have an error with the uninstall, we get this error when we tried:

    “When we tried to remove the Jetpack Post Views plugin we receive the following error:

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/kicker/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack-post-views/uninstall.php on line 26

    This appears to be a coding issue on the developers end and you will need to contact the developer for assistance with this error.”

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    I looked into the problem and it seems that my upgrade script was never run. So ya, all the new post_meta information I added was never put into anyones database…

    Sooooo… I fixed that and now it SHOULD work. I also fixed the error in my uninstall script, thanks for letting me know.

    ok, take in account it’s not declared in the changelog 🙁

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Thats odd because the readme.txt for the current code has it in there…

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