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  • I have integrated buddy press and wishlist membership plugin in my wordpress membership site.

    There are two types of memberships in my system.
    1) Focus Coaching
    2) Inner Circle – Mondays

    The user “shakira” had access for both groups and user “Darcy” had access for first group(Focus Coaching). Both were subscribed for “daily digest” emails.

    The problem with the integration is “daily digest” email for “Inner Circle – Mondays” was sent to “Darcy” [User doesn’t have access to this group]. It suppose to sent to “shakira”.

    I am unable to replicate the issue. Can anyone know, how this issue was occurred?

    Please suggest me the solution. Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author r-a-y


    Haven’t heard of this before. Are you running any caching plugins?

    Also, has this happened more than once?

    We have probably the same problem. At least a few times users received not their subscription – daily digest and weekly summaries as well.
    In logs I found an error which shows up from time to time (e.g. yesterday everything seems to be fine but today emails were mixed):

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-group-email-subscription/bp-activity-subscription-digest.php(463) : runtime-created function on line 207

    It’s multiplicated many times (I guess for many emails) but sometimes there are 1000 errors for 5000 emails, sometimes more, the other day there is no errors and emails seem to be sent correctly. I’m not 100% sure that this error is connected with this issue but I can’t find any other clue.

    the code looks like:

    add_action( 'phpmailer_init', create_function( '$phpmailer', '
    		$phpmailer->Body = "<html><body>' . addslashes( $message ) . '</body></html>";
    		$phpmailer->AltBody = "' . $message_plaintext . '";
    	' ) ); <-- here is the line with error

    This is multisite instalation so we use many plugins (e.g. WPML, Gravity Forms, many security plugins but no cache plugins). All plugins are up to date.
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription 3.3.1 WP 3.5, BP 1.6.2 . PHP 5.3.8.

    Our network has 500+ groups and 5000+ users and many groups are private so the problem is critical. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    I never haven’t found any mixed emails (wrong content send to user) in preview (?sum=1) so I guess the problem is connected with sending emails not collecting data.

    I think the error from logs is not connected with “Email Missent” issue.
    I decided to revert the plugin to version 9.2.1 (July 30, 2012) and as far it seems to sent emails correctly (however syntax error, unexpected T_STRING still can be found in logs)

    Same error here 🙁

    @r-a-y Member,

    Yes i faced this issue more than once…..

    update 2:
    I can confirm after reverting the plugin to version 9.2.1 (July 30, 2012) It’s not happening anymore

    sorry I meant version 3.2.1 (I changed name to 9.2.1 to avoid accidental updates)

    Plugin Author r-a-y


    Hi epawel,

    Thanks for the additional feedback.

    Have you tested 3.2.3? And does the problem occur there as well?

    As far as I investigated the first occurrence of missent email was 14 Dec 2012 and I think I had been using 3.2.3 at that point.
    I’m not sure if version 3.2.2 worked fine but I decided to revert to 3.2.1 so I guess I had a reason to choose this version but I don’t remember if I tested 3.2.2

    We just received a report of this very issue on a site using version 3.3.1 of this plugin. Should we just revert back to an older version of the plugin, or has this issue been addressed in 3.3.3? I’ll be happy to provide more info and forward the digest e-mails if needed to help figure out what’s going wrong.

    I have a report of this issue with version 3.3.3. The digest was received by a user not in the private group, but the unsubscribe link in the email was for a legitimate group member.

    They’re understandably a little freaked out about group member’s privacy.

    Plugin Author r-a-y


    If anyone is still experiencing this and the problem shows up in the digest preview (in the WP dashboard, under “BuddyPress > Group Email Options”, click on the “View queued digest items” link), please get in contact with me:

    I want to get to the bottom of this.

    I’m unable to reproduce it so far, but monitoring.

    I am seeing this as well. Using an older 3.1.2 version. When viewing the sum=1 page, so far it doesn’t seem like the user(s) has the wrong information and appears to be happening when the digest is sent.

    For me it goes like this:

    User is subscribed to a private group called “Group 1”. User receives a daily digest from “Group 2” which is also a private group but they aren’t apart of that group.

    Also to note it looked like there was a cut off forum reply at the bottom of the email message the user sent me, not sure if it’s related:

    “Carolyn replied to the forum topic”

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