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    I have been receiving a little help from a web guy who has stopped working. I am just about to launch my website yet have a number of outstanding issues. I would really appreciate your help on this as i’ve been thrown in the deep end at a really bad time.

    1) I’m currently using for my hosting and i need a daily back up for both and my WordPress site. What’s the best most reasonable solution to this?

    2) The web guy left me with this with no explanation: “Clearly you’re going to need to think about how many plugins you have and the hardware you’re using”. Please could someone advise on is? The list of plugins i currently use are listed at the end of this message.

    3) Will my website benefit from having a map on it? If so how and what options do i have in adding one? I offer dog jogging, dog walking, pet services, and an online shop.

    4) Whats my best option for adding email, phone and address icons next to my contact details?

    5) Which (if any) payment safety banner would you recommend using under my “add to cart” button. I am using Woocommerce and Stripe?

    6) In my dashboard > contacts > i have 2 contact forms listed. I didn’t add them i believe my web guy did. In my plug ins it looks like im using Contact Form 7. Can i delete the 2 contact forms listed in my dashboard: “Contact form 1” and “contact me”?

    Thanks all

    Stacey 🙂

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  • FYI: You are asking entirely too many questions in a single thread; you should ask only one specific question per thread. This really should be six different threads.

    Nevertheless, here goes:

    1) You have a lot of options for backups, depending on your skill level. You can use a plugin (plenty of those), or you can do a manual backup (via FTP or the command line), and you can create a bash script to create a tarball of your site and database. The real question is—what is your skill and comfort level?

    Also, it’s not enough just to back up your site—you also need to know how to restore your site from a backup if/when that becomes necessary.

    2) Plugins use memory and can slow down your site. If you’re on shared hosting, your memory is already pretty limited. The best advice is to only use those plugins that are absolutely necessary. Most of my sites run between 2 and 10 plugins. If you need 30 plugins, you either haven’t thought things through very well, or you need to rethink what you need your website to do.

    3) Only you can determine the answer to that question. If your services are geographically based, the answer is probably “yes”.

    4) Depends on your theme, most likely.

    5) ? — Why do you think this is necessary? What is your end goal here? (Start from the point of view of your visitors/customers when trying to answer these sorts of questions.)

    6) Read the documentation for the Contact Form 7 plugin and see if you can figure it out. If not, you should post this query in the Contact Form 7 plugin dedicated support forum.

    You have a lot of plugins. In general, you should only have one plugin to serve a particular purpose. That is, you don’t need 5 SEO plugins and 3 caching plugins. Find the best one to solve each of issues and delete the rest. (There are exceptions to every rule, including this one, of course. But as a rule of thumb, it’s a good place to start.)

    Hi, thanks for your reply and apologies for this, I thought it was best to put them in one thread as opposed to many. I wont do this again 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.

    1) my skill level isnt great and i have been thrown in the deep end so all advise would be much appreciated. I need advise on how to best back up both daily. How do i restore my site and when would i know when to do this?

    2) thanks for this info. As i say someone else was managing my website.

    3) Would you be able to advise on how to do this and what to use please?

    4) im using storefront.

    5) i read that its a good idea in one of the woocommerce emails i received. There just wasnt a recommendation with it. It was explained that by adding one it gives customers more piece of mind that their payment will be secure.

    6) thanks for this info


    1) Since you’ve been thrown in the deep end, I would recommend using a plugin to back up your site on a regular basis. There are a number of them here:

    It’s not enough just to keep the most recent backup. If your site somehow became damaged or infected before that backup, your backup will be corrupted as well. I back up my sites weekly and keep three months of backups. That covers it for me (although I also use the WordFence plugin to monitor my website’s security), but your mileage may vary.

    2) Running the minimum number of plugins needed is always a good idea. Delete any that are not activated, as they can present a security issue.

    3) There are plugins that will help with that:

    4) In that case, I would ask in the Storefront theme dedicated support forum, which is here:

    5) It depends on your customer base. If you know your customers in real life (i.e., you have to meet them in person before signing a contract), they will probably trust you on the basis of that meeting, rather than an icon on your website. On the other hand, if they have to pay through your website, or agree to a contract without meeting you, it’s probably a good idea. (FWIW, this is not a WordPress issue, but a business issue.) I would use whichever one your customers are more likely to be familiar with. (Business hint: see which one your competition is using.)

    6) You’re welcome. Any plugin or theme you download or install from will have its own dedicated support forum. For questions specific to that plugin or theme, it’s always best to post a query in their specific support forum.

    I hope this all helps. It can be frightening and frustrating to be thrown in the deep end like this. Please let us know if you have any other questions, or need additional help here.




    Thanks very much!

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