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  • This is a pretty basic question that I thought would be easy to find the answer to, yet a Google search doesn’t seem to turn up what I am looking for. Let me explain.

    I am using CyStats on my self hosted blog and I have noticed it has a setting to change the interval for unique visitors. What would be a good/fair setting to use for that? I have tried three hours and two hours (currently at two) and I am not sure if that would be a fair setting to use.

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  • This is an very important question (and one of the reasons different statistics tools report different numbers – different interval) and the answer should be adapted to the habits of visitors to your blog. Some blog’s visitors remain for 30 minutes in general, on some blogs the usual visit time is 3 minutes – you should adapt this according to your blog type (long-reading-visitors, searchengine->short-visit->away,…).


    So, if my visitors are staying a long time, then I need to increase the time between unique visitors. If they are staying for a short period of time, then I need to decrease the time. Is that correct?

    what the f*ck ?!?!
    UNIQUE Visitors!!! = Different IPs per DAY! Intervall should be 24 Hours dude. THATS a fair and informative setting…

    Sorry, I don’t agree in that point – but that’s the reason I implemented the interval as an option so everybody can use the interval she/he likes to use.

    If a visitor shows up at 9am for 5 minutes and comes back at 7pm for 10 minutes it *is* a revisit/new unique visit in my opinion.

    Unique visit = visitor shows up, does what he wants to do on the blog and leaves.

    Fair and informative: results from the point of view of the admin – what do I want to know from the statistics system. Visits like the ones I described or Visits of a unique IP within the given interval.

    Example: Let’s place some ads on a blog. The sponsor wants to know about the number of unique visits in order to calculate the estimated number of showed ads.

    Say we have 500 different IPs/day, 50 of them come back a second time a day (it’s just an example, not very realistic…).

    Using your algorithm (unique visitors) the sponsor calculates a minimum of 500 ad views.
    Using ‘unique visits‘ the sponsor calculates a minimum of 550 ad views because 50 users come back a second time and the ads are displayed again.

    BUT: The default 5 min interval IS too short and will be changed in the next update.

    By the way – IPs can change (dynamic changing IPs from ISP, re-dial-in, anonymization service – that’s a big problem for statistics systems, besides that 2 people *could* be behind the same PC (or many people behind a network) and independantly visit your blog – they’d use the same IP but the’d be two different visitors. Say my wife and myself are registered to the same discussion board (e.g. photography), at some age my son registers himself, too. Now we have three people visiting the same website from the same IP – are we *one* visitor ?

    *reminder to myself: look into this forum more often, 1 week answering delay is too long, sorry for that.*

    Edit: I don’t like the f-word. Maybe explain your opinion (which is right, too – just another point of view) instead?

    ok i’ll say “whooots up guys?” 😛
    Sorry for the badwords. I was just shocked. I thought the most stat systems count in a 24h interval.

    i also think you can do nothing against IP changing visitors. But as i and you said, in my opinion “unique visitors” are diffirent visitors per day, exact as possible.
    Thats the reason why i use cystats and statpress reloaded. i use statpress to count the unique visitors per day, and cystats for visitors per day. And the last one will count every new session on the page if the first session is more than 3600 seconds ago.

    I’m really disappointed that there is no universal standard for all stat systems. In the current way you CAN’T compare the statistics of two different websites.

    sorry again for my bad words *shame on me* 🙁


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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