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  • i know that there are many WP themes out there and I have seen most via AlexKing and i have downloaded most of what i like and have them on my personal WP test server ….

    but as more people are using WP – i see from the forums, many are modifying them with exceptional skill and a lot of them are very creative – quite IMPRESSIVE indeed!!

    so, i was wondering if you guys and gals would indulge me a quick bit and let me know which ones are you favorite and WHY. also, if you could do the like for plugins, that would help me out. me and a friend of mine, are really getting in WP and we have a purpose for asking these questions.

    if you could just simply make your reply here … in a couple weeks or so, i will so you all what i mean to do with your responses and suggestions…

    also, if there are any creative WP designers out there that are willing to share their “goods” in a downloadable format for the community of WP users … you will get major props when we are done …

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  • “you will get major props when we are done …”

    Who are you?
    What are your intentions?
    And where is a working website?


    I don’t think the ppl here are gonna be fallin’ for this type of trick again… lol.

    guys and gals … thanks for your replies thus far ..

    1. No this is not related to the “WP 2.0 Theme Competition” – although i would assume that most of these will be made available .. i know there are some that are not going to get submitted … but i also know that some of the WP ppl out there have impressive EXISTING websites and was wanting input from them ..

    2. i have been to … really looking for some better crafted themes that are “cutting-edge” – that push the boundaries and really WOW you when you see them .. most I have seen have little to if any fizzle.

    3. who am i?
    an individual(s) developing a site that showcases cutting edge WP websites and seeks to help non-profits organization realize the power that WP has and highlighting the best of the best … the most cutting edge – and maybe making some of these themes available for immediate use with slight modifications .. as, showing “how to” guides for everyday uses …

    highlighting and showcasing the best of the best

    working website?
    under development but will be hosted with the guys over at

    NEVER … i detest myspace and even the thought of myspace makes me sick ..

    Bhoney .. this is not a TRICK … i promise … and again? what you mean by that? i have never tricked anyone before .. i just want to know what you WP ppl think to this … if not, me and the working developers will do our best to search out the sites out there and put together a WP showcase … with or without your help .. just makes life easier since this is the FORUM for WP .. to post here and see what others think …

    plan and simple .. we want to share the cutting-edge techniques .. and showcase examples.. and have some possible contributors for WordPress …

    I suggest taking a look at



    thanks … that is getting me in the ballpark .. did not know that that existed ..

    thanks !!

    Thanks. Its one of my friends that run that site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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