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  • The archives link returns a 404 error. Cutline help blog isn’t much help.
    1 Log into your WP Administration panel and click on the Presentation link.

    2 Assuming you have the Cutline theme activated, you’ll notice a link in the sub-navigation menu called Cutline Options.

    3 On the Cutline Options page, simply check the box next to “Enable the Cutline Archives Page.”

    4 Click the Update Options button to create the Archives page.

    5 In order to ensure that your new Archives page gets published properly, you’ll need to click on the Manage link in the main navigation menu.

    6 Once there, click on Pages in the sub-navigation menu.

    7 One of your pages will contain the text “Archives” in the Title field – find that page, and then click on the Edit button for that page.

    8 Locate the Save » button (which resides just beneath the main text entry box), and click it. You’re done!

    Steps 1 – 4 were relatively easy even though I did not see a Presentation link in 2.71.

    Step 5 is where I ran into trouble. Where is the Manage button?

    Would it be easier just to use the edit function and alter the HTML code and if so, what do I do?

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