• The plugin shows a lot of promise. I liked how polished it looked on my desk top. However, there are some deficiencies on mobile (most of my customers are on mobile).

    A key omission is the inability to swipe through the carousel on a mobile phone. This is counter intuitive on a smartphone as it forces users to look for the left or right buttons (which could be out of view on a smaller screen) and peck at them repeatedly to get back to a product – the buttons could be at top or bottom right, left or centre, or could bookend the carousel itself.

    I also noticed that buttons and text do not scale well on mobile.

    Another weird thing on mobile, if you select 1 or 2 columns, it will render 1 or two columns on both desktop and mobile. But, if you select 3 or more columns, on desktop it will render the number of columns that can fit in the space (e.g. on page or sidebar widget), but on mobile, it will always render 1 column, even though it was able to render 2, when 2 columns were selected.

    This is a product carousel that I am definitely willing to purchase when it is ready.

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