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    In visual editor, when I copy and paste, all formatting stays intact.

    When I cut and paste, links are gone.


    Is this something that has always happened? Is there a way to use the visual editor so that when I cut and paste, links are retained inside the copied text?

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    I tested this and it only happens on my main site. On my other site (which has the same theme) cutting and pasting retains links. Also, on WordPress.com I can do it.

    So, something to do with my settings, installation or plugins?

    Thread Starter mossi


    This is such a weird behaviour. This happens only on Google Chrome, only on my own blog and only when I do CTRL + X or Cut.

    A friend of mine tried this on my blog with Safari on Apple, it works normally. I tried it on Internet Explorer, it works normally.

    But when pressing Ctrl + X on Chrome, it loses formatting. I have tried even different computers. Same behaviour.

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