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  • I just downloaded my app (5 days ago) and started my site (for blogging)

    I dont know where to find my version, but I assume its the most up to date since I downloaded only a few days ago. I have searched for answers on this topic and cannot find any.

    My ‘menu bar’ for color, bold, formatting, etc. only has one text box for cut and paste, not 2 like I see int he tutorial. How do I fix? How do i turn off so I can paste from MSWORD and not Los my formatting and text colors?

    Thank You

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    WordPress will now do its best to automatically interpret what you’re pasting from Microsoft Word. It’s the same as the old button, only it’s automated now.

    It’s not perfect now, and it was never perfect to begin with, because WordPress is an HTML editor, whereas Microsoft Word is a proprietary word processor. This means that, not only do the two use fundamentally different “languages,” there are elements to Microsoft Word’s formatting that WordPress can never understand because they are sort of like “company secrets.”

    If you do have to paste from Microsoft Word, there will be some things that you’ll need to re-format after paste, that’s just a given.

    If you just want to work on your posts offline and don’t mind if it’s not Microsoft Word, try one of these blogging clients instead:

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