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  • At Nikeo’s suggestion, here’s a post with lots of CSS snippets that you can use in a child theme to modify aspects of Customizr. They are tested–by me (a newbie!)–with Customizr 3.0.2 and WP 3.5.2.

    I hope that this can become a repository for tried-and-tested CSS snippets that work with Customizr—so we don’t have to keep re-posting CSS snippets / answers to common questions, but can simply point here instead.

    Please feel free to add your own snippets that work, using the code backticks and with comments to say what they do. Please open separate threads if you want to discuss a particular code snippet in detail, rather than clog up this thread.

    [CSS moderated. Please don’t post that much CSS here.]

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  • Moderator: did you read the thread intro? The whole point is to give people a compendium of CSS they can use, so we can point them to this thread.

    It took me hours to write that post. I’m not impressed with right now….



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    Sorry but these forums are not the place to drop great blocks of CSS. If you want to collate tips & tricks for this theme, do it on your own blog/site. Not here.

    As a newbie to WordPress, I’m astounded. It wasn’t a “great block of CSS”. It was a carefully documented selection, based on all the questions already answered, re-answered, and answered again here. User support, anyone?

    What is the purpose of these support threads, if not to help others with implementing the theme (which requires CSS)?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    CSS is just a component (large component to be sure) but if you need just CSS expertise then this really isn’t the best place for that.

    CSS tweaks get answered all the time. Huge blocks for CSS modification? Like Esmi replied “Sorry but these forums are not the place to drop great blocks of CSS”.

    If you want to post a huge big CSS tutorial then this place is not for that and you can post that on your own site instead as Esmi indicated.

    That is rediculous Esmi. He simply was just re-posting what others have said ALREADY in other threads into one easy to read thread. Thank you for your time ElectricFeet.



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    into one easy to read thread

    Placing them all in a blog post would make it even easier. This is not the place for collating tips & tricks.

    Thanks for the support KirstHen777.

    Esmi and Jan, this is not about tips and tricks. I accept that there are other fora for that (though I don’t have one; I’m not a coder). This was more of a FAQ, that we could point to and add to, to help newbies like me.

    Not a general CSS FAQ, but a specific set of CSS solutions that work with Customizr.

    If I had had such a FAQ when I started, on this forum, I would have saved myself days of work. Isn’t that what “support” is about?



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    This is not the place to post FAQs. Even theme and plugin developers don’t post them here and you (as far as I can tell & with all due respect) are not the developer of this theme.

    If you want to start something of this nature, please do so via your own site.

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