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  • I’m trying to use html in the Tagline and in the Featured Text on the Front Page. Sometimes it appears to be working when I am developing the page but it never works after the page is published.

    What is the workaround for this?

    The site I am working on is

    I’m using a child theme of Customizr Version: 3.0.13


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  • Hi everyone,
    As is possibly obvious by my initial question I am really new to WordPress. This is my first attempt at designing a website this way.
    Could someone please respond to my request and at least let me know if this is a silly question or if it is a legitimate one? I see nearly immediate responses to lots of the questions and I’m curious if I’m trying to do the impossible or if I just need more knowledge of how WordPress, CSS, and HTML work.

    Jim, you cannot use HTML like that to change the Theme items. The Theme will strip away HTML code as a security. There are some nasty people around who would inject code and damage your site (although this is a general principle and unlikely to happen in development mode). Think about a Contact Form – that’s a classic target.

    When you develop your Pages, use it by all means and I’d recommend you look up Twitter Bootstrap 2 as this will give you a lot of features you may need. Customizr has been designed to get the most out of TB2.

    Can you describe your problem (not solution) so we can understand what you’re trying to achieve. Most problems can be overcome by using either CSS in the CustomCSS Panel or child theme, or with php code (more complex for a newbie).

    Thanks SO MUCH for your reply! i wondered if I was just going about this in the wrong way.

    If you take a look at I believe you will see in the ‘Tagline’ at the upper right of the page what I was attempting to do using paragraph tags. I am attempting to display the Tagline as multiple (controlled) lines, and I would also like to have those lines be left-justified.

    I’m not all that concerned with the ‘Featured Text’ items.


    There’s a snippet to be published to add a 2nd line to the Tagline:

    .site-description:after {
        content:      "hello secondline of tagline";
        display:      block;
        font-size:    0.8em;      /* optional */
        font-weight:  normal;     /* optional */
        opacity:      0.7;        /* optional */

    credit: @paulwpxp

    Can you limit to 2 lines?

    Thanks! That’s one more line than we had a few minutes ago!

    Of course, we were hoping to leverage that space to include other information (address, phone number, etc.) so a number of lines would be needed.

    Unfortunately there’s some resistance on the part of our committee to having much of a menu on the front page and that has led to this attempt to ‘make it our own’. I may just have to press hard to have a menu item or two in that space that bring up pages with the desired information.


    /* Remove Navbar               */
    .navbar .nav        {display:none;}

    You can remove the Navbar, assuming that you can steer people around the site via the 3 FP buttons.

    Will think about the Tagline – heard that request before…

    That’s a thought. I think I’ll give it a whirl.

    I really appreciate your time and efforts with this. My programming experience started with BASIC and Assembly back in the ’70s and I have always found myself more suited to that type of programming. The higher the level the less comfortable I am.


    I started at school in the ’60s so you’re in good company 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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