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  • I have the code in my customizr child theme live for quite a while that uses the magnifying glass for the search bar in the menu. It used to work on all pages of my website.

    Since the performance of my website was very bad I started to change a lot using w3tc, minify, caching, perfomrance optimisations events manager, deactivating plugins and activating them again etc.

    Today I recognised that the search symbol/icon is not shown correctly on some of my pages – on others it is shown correctly….
    I deactivated the minify CSS parts and deleted all caches, but the problem remains the same.
    Actually I do not know exactly since when and why this problem occurs.

    In addition I recognised that in the Mozilla development tools section “web-console” there are a lot of warnings shown related to CSS parts of customizr, events manager, buddy press….

    Can you please have a look at this web-page and help me to get back the proper display of the magnifying glass in the nav-bar:

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  • The reason is here

    You now need to be using FontAwesome for the magnifying glass.

    See the Comments in this Snippet for details on how to change.

    Thanks for your reponse. Changing the values in the styles.css to font-awesome and f002 instead of genericons /F400 made it worse. Now the icon is not displayed on any of my pages. With genericons I only had a problem on three pages.
    I already use font awesome for some parts in events manager – there those icons display correctly. But on exactly those pages the magnifying glass from genericons is not displayed anymore since yesterday. Before it was okay. I think it is related to those warnings that i get – but I do not know why I get them…. Maybe it is related to some of the changes in w3tc …?

    Ups, sorry is works as you said. I just had to name it “fontawesome” without “-“. Now it works. But why did it work before (the fontawesome is available already since the last update), and why did it still work on some pages but not on the events-managers-pages?

    I must admit that I currently have a big problem to understand all those things that happen while I am trying to optimise the performance. And I do not understand those error messages and warnings that I see in the firefox dev. tools. Are those related to the effect I had with the search icon? Do you have any idea where they come from and how I can get rid of them. You can see them in the firefox dev. web-consle when you open the page:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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