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  • Hello!

    I tried creating a child-theme of my existing customizr-theme and everything worked fine, but when I activated my child in the theme-manager, the page lost all of its settings like menu-texts, widgets and so on, but the content was still here – althought I copied all folders from the parent theme to my customizr-child folder.

    I’m a beginner and very frustrated 🙂

    Is there a special instruction in copying files to the child-folder?
    which files can be copied and which not?

    Thanks for helping me out


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  • You have not done anything wrong.

    Many of the site options and configuration choices are recorded in the database, there is nowhere else to same them. Usually these settings are recorded against the specific theme, so that when you swap themes, everything changes.

    This is the only disadvantage of using a child theme.
    I suggest that you change back to the parent theme, and take notes of how the menus, widgets, options are set. Then switch to the child theme, and choose which settings you want to duplicate.

    With more experience you would (as i do) setup the child theme BEFORE making the extensive configurations.

    Not sure if there is a plugin to help with this.
    Do any themes have provision for this ?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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