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  1. philipshambrook
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I know this has been asked before but there does not appear to be an open thread that I have seen.

    I have a child theme. I have a Parts folder in it. I have class-footer-footer_main.php in there.

    I amended the following to reflect the information I wanted:

    	 * Footer Credits call back functions
    	 * Can be filtered using the $site_credits, $tc_credits parameters
    	 * @package Customizr
    	 * @since Customizr 3.0.6
        function tc_credits_display() {
        	tc__f('rec' , __FILE__ , __FUNCTION__, __CLASS__ );
        	<?php ob_start() ?>
        	<div class="span4 credits">
        	<?php tc__f( 'tip' , __FUNCTION__ , __CLASS__, __FILE__ ); ?>
    		    	$credits =  sprintf( '<p> · © %1$s <a href="%2$s" title="%3$s" rel="bookmark">%3$s</a> · Designed by %4$s ·</p>',
    					    esc_attr( date( 'Y' ) ),
    					    esc_url( home_url() ),
    					    '<a href="http://in4m.co.nz">in4m Per4mance</a>'
    				echo $credits;
    		$html = ob_get_contents();
            echo apply_filters( 'tc_credits_display', $html );

    When I try to access the website nothing happens but an error message is raised:

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class.

    From what I've read, that appeared to be what I needed to do. Clearly it isn't. What have I missed?


    Update to the above...

    The result is the same even if I just have the unedited file in the Parts folder. With the unedited file the error message refers to Line 15 of the file

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