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  • Hello, I have now played around a bit with Customizr and have the following problem found: When I click the mouse on an area of ​​the site in which no function coerces then is no longer the page.
    Look here: Would appreciate a tip
    Greetings Michael

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  • First off, I am not an expert…

    When I visited your site…something is calling on fancybox…but there is nothing popping up so you are stuck there…

    Check your settings to see what is calling on it…

    Maybe a plugin issue…you could try deactivating your plugins and reactivate, one by one, checking each time to find the culprit, if any…

    Beyond this, I am not much help…so just be patient for others to reply…

    Assuming this is a new problem…what have you changed recently? It could likely be the problem…

    Michael, from what you wrote I understand that your page disappears when you click on blank space of the page. I have tried to click everywhere around your page and between page elements but I wasn’t able to reproduce your problem.

    If this only occurs on one specific page, please provide a link to it. Also, keep in mind that it might be caused by a faulty plugin. Try disabling your plugins first, force a page refresh (Ctrl+F5 / Shift+F5) and see if your problem still exists.

    Get back here with more info if the problem persists, with more details that will help us reproduce it, so we can track it down.

    Thanks for your help.

    It was a plug in has caused the fault. Now everything goes as it should and I can make the blog now ready.


    Thanks Michael. Could you tell us which plugin, for future reference?

    I am just starting my WordPress experience, however when I activate a theme (have tried 2 similar in nature) the slider/3 circled Featured pages do not appear (the 3 W on home page). Have been using this video as a guide.
    Can someone look at what I am missing or doing incorrectly?


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Oops, now I’ve deleted it and I do not remember the name. Sorry

    OK, no probs.

    @barefeeted: it is considered impolite and it’s also counter productive to ask questions in someone else’s thread. To enhance the utility of this forum you need to open a new thread for every problem you encounter. Make sure you choose an intuitive title for your thread. This way, other users encountering the same problem are likely to find and use the answer that helped you.

    So please, ask your question separately and it will be answered.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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