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    In the StudioPress forum, I requested suggestions for a Twitter plugin that would let me block retweets and replies. Someone recommended Twitter Widget Pro, and I’m so glad they did. I’m really impressed that you actively respond to reviews and questions.

    So I was able to easily set the intent-meta to display as a block, and then I centered the text. Is there an easy way to put some spacing between the three links so they look like this?

    Reply | Retweet | Favorite

    I thought I could use word spacing, but it didn’t work, and I’d like to insert the separator bars. I’d really welcome your input on this.

    Also, I set the tweet time stamp to “Never,” but it still shows up. I’m thinking it’s best to always include the time stamp, since that’s what makes tweets so fun, but I thought I’d ask about this just in case I change my mind.

    My website is under construction, but maybe you have a suggestion that may help with the time stamp issue? I could set the display to none, but just in case someone else experiences the same thing, I thought I’d mention it.

    Thank you!!

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  • I would really welcome some feedback on this question. Is there a way to make the text links look like this:

    Reply | Retweet | Favorite

    I can easily change the font size and color, but I can’t figure out how to insert spacing or how to add divider bars.

    I’d like the bars to have a span class so that I can display them in a soft gray. The links are in a nice purple.

    Thank you!

    Writing a function for this would be nice, but if I have to, I’ll make the changes directly to the Twitter Pro file. I found where this code is located, but I’m unfamiliar with the programming language. It won’t let me insert spacing and the divider bars without rendering a white screen on my website.

    EDITED TO ADD . . .

    Reply, retweet and favorite each have their own CSS class. So I added padding as follows:

    .retweet {
        padding: 0 14px 0 14px;

    But I’m not sure how to add divider bars, unless I add a left and right border, which doesn’t look as nice. I’m trying to teach myself the code language, but I’d love some input on this.


    You can delete your padding and do this instead; it works nicely:

    .in-reply-to:after {
         content: ' | ';

    Also remember you can save some time with CSS by writing “padding: 0 14px;” and it’s the same as 0 14px 0 14px 🙂

    Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you so much!

    And I didn’t realize that about how to write the padding. Thanks for taking your time to share this with me!


    No probs! And of course that also works with margins too.

    I have the same issue, but am having trouble finding the CSS in the widget. Am I supposed to be editing wp-twitter-widget.php? If so, is this the code where I can insert thirteencentpinball’s code?

    if ( 'true' == $args['showintents'] ) {
    					$widgetContent .= ' <span class="intent-meta">';
    					$lang = $this->_getTwitterLang();
    					if ( !empty( $lang ) )
    						$linkAttrs['data-lang'] = $lang;
    					$linkText = __( 'Reply', $this->_slug );
    					$linkAttrs['href'] = "{$tweet->id_str}";
    					$linkAttrs['class'] = 'in-reply-to';
    					$linkAttrs['title'] = $linkText;
    					$widgetContent .= $this->_buildLink( $linkText, $linkAttrs );
    					$linkText = __( 'Retweet', $this->_slug );
    					$linkAttrs['href'] = "{$tweet->id_str}";
    					$linkAttrs['class'] = 'retweet';
    					$linkAttrs['title'] = $linkText;
    					$widgetContent .= $this->_buildLink( $linkText, $linkAttrs );
    					$linkText = __( 'Favorite', $this->_slug );
    					$linkAttrs['href'] = "{$tweet->id_str}";
    					$linkAttrs['class'] = 'favorite';
    					$linkAttrs['title'] = $linkText;
    					$widgetContent .= $this->_buildLink( $linkText, $linkAttrs );
    					$widgetContent .= '</span>';

    Thanks for any help!!

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