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  1. dbirlew
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Trying to customize the look of my wp-login.php page. Changing the logo was no biggie, but I've been having a problem in Google Chrome that I haven't been able to figure out. Use the images to see what's going on.

    Here is what my login page looks like in Google Chrome (my pref. browser):

    As you can see, the transparency in the corner images is messing up. After looking through login.css I can't figure out what image this is supposed to be. If I could, I could download the image and fix it.

    Besides, I would rather that my login page resemble the IE version:

    So two questions in essence:
    1. What is the background corner image that is messing up, and how do I fix it, and
    2. How do I make my login page look the same in all browsers (preferably the way it looks in IE)?

    Thank you.

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