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  • scm22ri


    I want to use my own MySQL database with my WP website. On my website visitors can register and I want them to be able to input information via a form into my own MySQL database. I want to take that data that’s in my MySQL database and display it on my WP website. How would I go about doing something like that? I know that’s a very broad question but if your me, what would you do? How would you go about doing it?

    What type of plugins should I download?


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I doubt your solution will lie in plugins, but perhaps a few may help with specific sub-tasks.

    I would consider combining my tables into the WP database so that only one DB connection needs to be maintained, and WP can handle the nitty gritty of that. Since this is already established though, the only real benefit is the single connection.

    Depending on the nature of your data, it shouldn’t be difficult pulling data into WP pages either way. It’s just a matter of developing a template that performs the necessary mechanics.

    I would also evaluate if it’s feasible to move the visitor registration data into WP and let WP manage registrations from now on.

    In any case, you don’t need to actually do much more than develop the proper templates. By putting some effort in now though, such as moving data into WP, may make things easier to maintain in the future. Hope this gives you food for thought. Cheers.

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