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  • Shan


    Not sure if I can get this kind of help here or not, but it’s worth a shot. LOL

    I converted an HTML website to WP, but I am having major issues with getting things to align correctly. I tried to add a dropdown menu using this tutorial and it worked except for one minor detail: the menubar was in the middle of the page over to the left and nothing I did would move it under the header.

    I made a custom page template and that worked OK (I’d rather have it coded so that it can be used on several pages with different text instead of hard coded to one page only). The only problem is that the footer is not showing up where it is supposed to and I cannot figure it out. Or I can get the footer to show in the right place but then the content background goes short.

    Also, the other pages are doing the same short content background thing.

    I tried 4 tutorials that touted how easy it was to convert a static website to WP and none of them worked nor could I get any help from the tutorial authors. I tried the WP codex but that left me more confused.

    Ideally, I would like to have the WP-menu function built in with the menubar showing in block form across the page w/dropdowns and the custom page template to be able to be used for more than one page, but I cannot find any tutorials to help with that. I need detailed instructions on placement of codes, etc.

    Can anyone help me? I am desperate.

    My hack job is here:

    Original is here:

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