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  • TCooper


    I am trying to customize the Pilot Fish theme and I just cannot get my changes to take effect.

    I created a child theme and put a style.css file in it importing the css from the Pilot Fish theme but no changes are happening. I have been using Firebug to discover the code that I want to change and my changes look great in Firebug. However, when I copy the code into my child theme style.css file nothing happens. No change. I have even gotten help from a professor and he put in a new style.css file and made changes to the CSS and nothing happened for him either. (I can make changes to the Pilot Fish style.css and that works but won’t I lose my changes when the theme developer updates the theme if I do that?)

    I hope that there is a simple solution for why I can’t customize this theme.
    (I do not want to change to another theme because I like this one!)

    Oh, I have not been able to put a duplicate of the functions.php file into my child theme folder either. When I do, it breaks my site.

    I sure hope Danni or someone else who has experience with this theme and can help me out.


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  • Theme Author Daniel Zhao


    maybe you need to put “!important” after the css you added, to overwrite the parent one.

    I had this issue when I first tried creating the child theme for this. The issue (for me) was with the name in the template field. At first I copied the name from the original CSS: Theme Name: Pilot_Fish

    But, I ran into the issue you are describing. I was able to get it to work by changing the name to: Template: pilot-fish

    I hope this helps. This is a fantastic theme, I really love it, and have had no trouble after that initial hiccup.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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