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  • Hi everyone. I need some help hacking up my WordPress installation.

    My blog posts tend to be long or have lots of pictures, so I frequently make use of the <–More–> tag to keep the front page display full of short versions.

    What I want to do is this:

    If clicking on the “Continue reading xxxxxx…” link from the post, the more tag will behave normally and take you to a single post with the top at the location of the more tag. In other words, from internal links, I want the more tag to behave normally.

    If clicking on a More link from an external site (e.g. I want the link to take you to the single page post, but to the top of the post, not to the location of the <–more–> tag.

    Right now I’m using the More To The Top plugin, which makes the more tag bring the post to the top of the post regardless, but I find that inconvenient to my blog readers who view the front page and click on the more tag. They then have to scroll down again to get to where they were.

    So, to summarize.
    Internally – More tag behaves normally
    Externally – More tag brings you to top of post.

    Are there any plugins that do this or could someone help me modify my WP installation to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I’ve read that, but it doesn’t answer my question.

    As I said, I’ve already used a plugin to make the post jump to the top of the post when clicking on the more link, but I only want that behavior when someone clicks on a more link from an external site, not when they click on the more link when reading my blog.

    I can see that section about “Link Jumps to More or Top of Page,” but it doesn’t seem to offer any possibilities to modify the more link in the way I’m asking.

    Also, I don’t really know that much PHP, so that’s not really helping me understand the coding, either.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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