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  • I have a WordPress site which I will allow users to add content (not posts, but posts will represent my main item). I cannot allow users to access pages under /wp-admin, because it exposes other controls, and it looks like WordPress; the implementation must be hidden from users.

    What are my options? For example, I need to allow users to add posts, edit posts, and assign categories and an excerpt to posts; yet they can’t do this through the usual “New Post” link. Is the only option to create my own pages that post to the DB?

    What are the down-sides of this (eg. pre-post hooks are not called)? What other options do I have?

    My client requested a branded, end-to-end solution and customizing the back-end is integral.

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  • There are plenty of hooks for different things, like creating a post; you can semi-easily create front-end pages to replace back-end stuff, and use plugins to block access to WP-ADMIN (if you really want).

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