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  • On other sites I’ve worked on in the past, I’ve used the WP Custom Fields Search plugin to search multiple custom fields simultaneously. But with WordPress 3.5, that plugin seems to have some crippling issues, so it would appear that I need to figure out other ways to search multiple custom fields from the standard WordPress search box. And needless to say (because I’m here), I’ve been having some trouble.

    I’m using the Responsive theme, and here’s my searchform.php file, which I’ve made some alterations to (adding radio buttons for listing type and fields for minimum price and maximum price): Search Form

    And here’s the standard Responsive search.php file (because my attempts to customize it haven’t worked whatsoever): Search Results

    The two main categories I’m using are “Autos” and “Properties,” so ideally, I’d like these to work in conjunction with the corresponding Listing Type radio buttons. And then Price is set via a custom field named “price.”

    Does anyone have any advice for making this thing work properly? Because I’m struggling…

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