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  • I need some help with “mechanics.” These might seem like simple questions, but I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I look info up myself, and it just says “insert code snippet” but it doesn’t give any other details.

    I know that I have a page “Custom Code” for Prose in the Genesis tab on toolbar. Is that where I should put all changes?

    If not, please let me know where.

    If so, then I have some changes in the CSS box now, which someone placed there for me (I am not sure it will work or even if I will use it). It looks like this:

    /** Do not remove this line. Edit CSS below. */

    add_filter(‘genesis_comment_form_args’, ‘custom_comment_form_args’);
    function custom_comment_form_args($args) {
    $args[‘title_reply’] = ‘YOUR CHOSEN TEXT HERE’;
    return $args;

    Now, my biggest question is, if this is the area, then how exactly do I place further changes? on the line following “return $args;” or skip a line, or add some extra heading telling it what to do, or doesn’t it matter? Also, I do not know when something might belong in the CSS area as opposed to the Custom Functions area. Can I just copy out of my style sheet and paste it in here and then modify it as I’d like?

    I also have a Genesis Simple Hooks plugin–it looks like changes can be made there as well. I know it seems simple to you, but when instructions just say “insert this snippet of code”–I don’t know where or above/below what, or in what order. If you could please clue me in a little, I would be very grateful. And, if I am understanding you, I should not make any changes to my style.css sheet because those are just wiped out with every update.

    I want to add/create some font stacks–where would I do that? I am installing certain fonts from Typekit, and I know that the code is already in there for me. However, I have learned that they will not transfer to everyone, and I need to put font stacks in to cover all my bases so that an especially ugly generic font will not be substituted for mine. I know how to make the font string, I just don’t know what information is needed on top of that (such as code that tells the theme what to do and when to stop on the beginning and end of code snippet). I cannot find answers anywhere, and everyone seems to know except me.

    So Sorry this is so long!

    Thanks for any help


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  • WPyogi


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    Genesis is well supported by the developers so you’ll need to go there as these forums don’t support commercial themes.

    Custom CSS is safe from updates, though double-check on that with studiopress.

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