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Customizing Pages <li> code

  • I would like to customize the code of the list items of the Pages widget. I want to change the class=”” to something static, and I want to add an id=”” with the dynamic stuff.

    In others words change

    <li class="page_item page-item-7">
    <a href="http://ex.org/wp/ex" title="Example">Example</a>

    to something like this

    <li class="page_item" id="page-item-7">
    <a href="http://ex.org/wp/ex" title="Example">Example</a>
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  • How’s about…

    Page-Item-ID plugin
    Download plugin | View source

    To install, download page-item-id.php, upload the file to your wp-contents/plugins directory on your blog’s site, and activate Page-Item-ID under Plugins in your WordPress installation. Then… no, that’s it.

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