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  • greetings all,

    this is my first ever wordpress site, and I think the software is great so far.

    One thing that I’m having trouble doing, and that I don’t know is possible is some custom navigation.

    I have a typical page setup like:

    1 page
    1.1 -subpage
    1.2 -subpage
    1.2.1 –subpage
    1.2.2 –subpage

    Which I get to list great with wp_list_pages. However, The parent page in this list (page) doesn’t have any content in it. I want to know at all if it’s possible to customize the parent page to link either to nothing, or to default to the first subpage.

    For anyone who would like to see what I have working, you can check it out at:

    Advice appreciated!



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