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    I’m looking to customize the (more…) tag a bit futher, and I’m sure this will help some other people out as well. Basically, what I would like to do is replace the ‘(more…)’ tag with the following…

    “Continue Reading: POST TITLE”

    …or something like that.

    I have seen the posts explaining how to change the ‘(more…)’ link in ‘template-functions-posts.php’ to some other text, and that works. But I want to ad the post’s title in there as well, and adding <?php the_title(); ?> in the ‘$more_link_text’ section of ‘template-functions-posts.php’ does nothing. I am a PHP newbie, so I have no doubts I am messing something up here, but there seems as though there should be a way to do this with PHP…I’m just not knowledgeable to know how to do it.

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  • I don’t recall what file the more tag is in.

    If you have the capability (and WP is also on your hard drive), search the WP folder for the more tag … you’ll be able to change the link text there.

    I have found, and can change the ‘(more…)’ link to display different text without problem. What I want to do is make it so that if my post contains the ‘<!–more–>’ code so that it spills over onto another page, then that ‘(more…)’ link at the bottom of my post reads something along the lines of:

    Continue reading “TITLE OF POST HERE”

    So that each ‘(more…)’ tag is effectively a unique link that contains the title of the post in it. I’m sure this can be done by editing the PHP code somewhere, but as I said, I’m a PHP-newbie…not sure where I would go about doing that.

    I changed mine to an image. Works really well.

    I’m not a real PHP guy so somebody please correct me if I’m wrong…

    but I would think you could just do something like:

    <?php the_content(__(‘read more of’)); ?> <?php the_title(); ?>

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