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    the plugin seems very well, but before I buy the pro version, I need to be sure, it will fit our needs.
    I only find ways to add IDs for facebook, linkedin, GA, … but I need further more parties, of which I’ll use cookies. (e.g. adroll, hotjar, …)

    Is there a way, to add (customize) other parties into it?

    Can I observe a JS event to start sending those cookies (JS based) as soon, as the agreement was accepted? (This would be a quick & dirty solution for me, if I just add the names of the services to the bannertext; even if they may not be disselected specifically in this case).

    Thanks for your quick response


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  • Plugin Author mlfactory


    Hi Philipp,

    I’ll answer you tomorrow.

    Generally, yes is feasible with my plugin.

    Plugin Author mlfactory


    Hy Phillip,

    so now I have some time.

    Basically, it is possible to integrate any external service / service.

    You just have to tell me before / when buying which services you need exactly.

    I then tie these in (without extra charge) in the plugin.

    The resulting update also benefits all others who also use / buy a Pro version.

    I hope I could answer your questions with that.
    If you have more questions send me a email:

    Have a nice Day,

    Hi Michael,

    thanks for your answer.

    So currently I require adroll and hotjar. But I can imagine the list will grow.
    Could you perhaps provide (for example) 5 “plain services”, where I can customize
    “Title/Description for Law-banner”, Opt-In JS, Opt-Out JS. So really with plain JS, that it’s simply not bound to a specific destination platform. (But just dealing with Idents, and dependent JS). If no Opt-Out JS is provided, then simply the Opt-Out shouldnt be possible.

    We also have an own SaaS service, which will set cookies on different sites soon. So this service is very unknown and wouldn’t make sense to provide this in a specific property for all other users.
    That’s why this kind of generic solution would be great.

    I would need this for approximately 5 installations.

    Do you think this is possible in your plugin?

    Also a nice day to you and thanks

    Hi Michael,

    and just as I noticed this currently. Would it make sense to disable all the scripts, when the visitor is also logged in in wordpress?
    As this behaviour is more like: “controlling the created contents” than relevant tracking information.

    Thanks in advance


    Plugin Author mlfactory


    Hey Philipp,

    yes that would be possible and is currently in progress.

    Source Code looks like this:

    dsgvoaioservices.customservicename = {
      "key": "customservicename",
      "type": "social | analytic | ads | video | support",
      "name": "MyCustomService",
      "needConsent": true,
      "cookies": ['cookie', 'cookie2'],
      "readmoreLink": "/ custom_read_more", // If you want to change readmore link
      "js": function () {
        "use strict";
        // When user allow cookie
      "fallback": function () {
        "use strict";
        // when use deny cookie

    There will be an option in the backend with “Custom Services” where you can set 5 services quite easily via the backend.

    The next update of the pro version will be released next week tuesday.
    Since then the desired function is included.

    Cheers, Michael

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