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  • Ithril


    Hey there, i’m trying to find a way to change the menu when it’s collapsed. Instead of showing social icons in the left side i would like to make it show the page name on that space. Is it possible┬┐? Thanks in advance.

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  • ElectricFeet


    I see you’re asking a second time. Not ignoring you; just don’t know the answer. Sorry!



    @electricfeet i know you’re not ignoring me, i re-posted cause dunno why i can’t post again in the original post…when i tryed to post again in the original it gets autodeleted ­čÖü



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    Closing this one, please continue on your original one. ]

    @electricfeet i found this functions searching in responsive theme folder:

    This is in core/style.css

    .js .main-nav #responsive_current_menu_item {
    		display: block;
    		padding: 5px 40px 5px 10px;
    		color: #fff;
    		font-weight: 700;
    		cursor: pointer;

    I see that “.js” is calling a function located in a script file

    {t=e(".current_page_item").text()}else if(e("body").hasClass("page-template-blog-php")){t=e(".current_page_item").text()}else{t=e("").html()}}}e(".main-nav").append('<a id="responsive_menu_button"></a>');e(".main-nav").prepend('<div id="responsive_current_menu_item">'+t+"</div>");e("a#responsive_menu_button, #responsive_current_menu_item").click(function(){e(".js .main-nav .menu").slideToggle(function(){if(e(this).is(":visible")){e("a#responsive_menu_button").addClass("responsive-toggle-open")}else{e("a#responsive_menu_button").removeClass("responsive-toggle-open");e(".js .main-nav .menu").removeAttr("style")}})})})(jQuery);

    So here’s my question… can i use the code above in customizer bootstrap.min.js so i can make menu show current page┬┐?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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