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  • First off, this the WordPress codex and this forum are a great resource! I’ve been a front end designer for years but only know html, css and cut and paste javascript. I’m completely new to WP and don’t know php language. I’ve been able to gain a great deal of info from codex and reverse engineering but hitting some walls. I’m working on a site that is to go live next week and could use some assistance. I have much work ahead of me…
    Here is the site I’m working on:
    WP 3.0.1
    Leander theme (
    Mac designer

    1. On my home page, I would like to override the theme’s default of placing the most recent posts under the scrolling feature. I haven’t been able to track down which file this resides in. I would like to make it appear more like a static html page with a Headline and intro paragraph. I made a post under a new category (Home Inro) and I would like this post to be displayed here (instead of most recent posts).

    2. I’m trying to make new templates for the News section and Events section. I would like those templates to just have posts from those specific categories. I found the pageofposts.php code from the codex pages info and attempted to modify that to work with my Leander theme – but it’s not displaying. Here is the file I created.

    What I’m not entirely clear on is whether this template file calls up any posts that are in the category I created called News. Or, it uses the custom fields to query these posts? So, I created some dummy news posts and on one of them I created a custom field called category with a value of news (after reading more in codex relating to custom fields). Still no results. This is my specific test page:

    3. How to override the commercial ads in the footer?

    Thanks for any info/help!

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  • Before you proceed with any further development using that particular theme (obtained from the source you provided), you should take a look inside header.php. There are occurrences of base64 obfuscation (simple encryption) – functions.php appears to be poisoned with that crud as well.

    Very quickly, here’s the decoded portions of what can be found just in header.php:

    function theme_footer_t() { if (!(function_exists("check_theme_footer") && function_exists("check_theme_header"))) {
    theme_usage_message(); die; } } theme_footer_t();
    function functions_file_exists() { if (!file_exists(dirname(__file__) . "/functions.php") || !function_exists("theme_usage_message") ) { echo ("<p style=\"padding:10px; margin: 10px; text-align:center; border: 2px dashed Red; font-family:arial; font-weight:bold; background: #fff; color: #000;\">This theme is released free for use under creative commons licence. All links in the footer should remain intact. These links are all family friendly and will not hurt your site in any way. This great theme is brought to you for free by these supporters.</p>"); die; } } functions_file_exists();

    Thanks ClaytonJames. Being new to WP and themes (and not coming to this site earlier), I wasn’t aware of the encryption (obfuscation) issues. Aside from the fact that I would have to have this commercial stuff remain in my footer (unless i could decode this somehow) – are there any other issues I should be wary of with this theme that you could recognize? For the sake of time, and what I’ve invested so far, I will probably stick with this theme and in the near future (when more time permits) update the site with a new theme and better design…

    Hi crashcourse …. I don’t mean to hijack this thread but I have a quick question — I too am using the Leander theme for the time being and am hoping to update my site with a new theme and better design in the near future …. but for now customizing the navbar in Leander is driving me crazy. I can’t get it to change from the default colors (the gray links with the white background, that hovers to the white links with red block background). I see on your site you linked above you were able to change the nav bar to the aqua color with the reddish drop downs …. and I was wondering if you could share where in the code you modified to change this feature. I have gone through line by line and can’t figure it out — I can’t even spot a place where that red color is being called up. I’m not a CSS guru but can usually find my way around decently, but this one thing is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance for your time!

    Also — on the pages linked from your navbar (about, our work, stay informed, etc) you were able to get rid of the middle column and only keep the outside right one … is that something you modified in the code or is that a Leander option? Thank you SO much!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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