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  • skrose


    Hi Nick,
    Your Sheet Music Library plugin is absolutely fantastic. I would like to know if it can be customized for choir application? Instead of having one track, we have 3, 4, or more. Instead of having one video , we may have more than one. Can it be customized to allow for multiple tracks, and multiple videos? Also, I’d love to be able to provide a few more fields in the library such as arranger, starting key, keys, tempo. If customizations are simple and instructions were provided, I could certainly do this. But if you need to make the customizations, I’d appreciate it!
    Thanks so much Nick.
    Stacey Rose

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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    There are a few different options to add additional information. The easiest would be to include additional fields within the description area. For example, if you wanted to have multiple videos or audio, you could set a “primary” one via the plugin’s default options and then also add a playlist within the description area via the add media button.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t particularly straightforward to add additional fields that would show up outside of individual posts, such as in the all/latest sheet music shortcode table. That is possible but would require a developer to build an add-on plugin that hooks into the main plugin to add that additional functionality. Please let me know if any additional hooks would facilitate that if you go down that route.

    Do you have any other thoughts on functionality that could be useful for choirs using the plugin?

    Certainly! Often choirs categorize their music by event. For example, regular repertoire, spring concert, etc.. I have used your genre taxonomy for this. The band or accompaniment might have a different score than the choir does. Notification(or a badge or banner) indicating sheet music being updated or newly added.

    Are you able to tell me how to remove the difficulty column from the user-side display?

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep thinking about the best ways to allow those types of features from a technical perspective.

    To hide all of the difficulty display, try this in the Additional CSS option in the Customizer:

    /* Hide last column (difficulty) from sheet music table views */
    .sheet-music-table tr > td:last-child {
        display: none;
    /* Hide third paragraph (difficulty) from sheet music taxonomy display (archives and single piece pages) */
    .piece-meta .taxonomy-box p:nth-child(3) {
        display: none;

    This will work for now, but may break slightly in the future – I’ll make a note to document a better way to turn features off when I have a chance.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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