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  • Hi,
    I am looking to change a few things with my comment forms.

    Before I begin, I am using these comment forms for 2 things: reviews for orders and reviews/comments on recipe posts. The main comment form I have a problem with currently is my order reviews comment form; however, I assume that once the recipe reviews are used (no comments yet), I will notice similar problems there as well. My question will (for now) only refer to the order reviews, but I hope your answer could be transferable to my potential future recipe review problems. But, for now, I’ll only ask about the order reviews.

    When I started my website, I decided that I’ll just put my order reviews at the bottom of my order page. However, many people had difficulty finding where to put their review, so I decided to make a new page dedicated to only reviews. This is a sub-item in my menu under my Order Now page. I just created this new page and turned on discussions, so the page is basically blank. Also, I am using the standard comment forms that come with my theme: Twenty Twenty.

    Now that you know where I am referring to, onto my problems.

    1. The title appears as “Leave A Reply” on the comment form. Or it changes to “1 Reply on “*page name*”” when someone adds a comment. The former is on my new form in the Reviews tab since no one has used it yet, and the latter is on the Order Now page which I will turn off once I get the new Reviews page properly running. Once people use the comment form on my new Reviews page, it will change the title to “1 Reply on “Reviews””, which I don’t like. How can I change it to always say “Leave a Review”?

    2. On the old reviews comment form on the Order Now page, once someone gave me a review, their review appeared above the field to add a new comment. To see an example of what I’m talking about, see the bottom of my Order Now page. How do I change this so that the new comment field is always above the past comments/how do I make it so that posted comments appear underneath the comment form?

    3. I already have a review on the old review comment form on the Order Now page, so I would like to transfer that comment onto the new comment form on the Reviews page. If possible, I would like to be able to do this on the backend through my admin dashboard, but I don’t know how, or if that is possible. Please help with this as well, thanks.

    That should be it I think. I have tried asking how to change the title on comment forms before, but the person who replied only gave me the option of typing in code snippets. That did not work, since I’ve never used code snippets before and was told to copy off a code snippet someone else used for their website. Again, I’ve never used code snippets before, but I feel like they need to be customized to the website to actually work. I tried asking the responder a question on how to use this, but no response. So, I find myself asking again, this time with even more problems, since I have since then received a comment that revealed more issues.

    Anyway, any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Whoa.
    So much information.

    I think you need to take a step back.
    I understand why you wanted to create this page:
    however this is not the right approach. Not bc it simply says “Leave a Reply”, but simply bc with this approach you have to manaually manage the entries that you are trying to associate back to the recipe or cake product.

    This is not a technically sound approach.

    I would also say that there should be separation between an overall generic review about you/your business/your website/your communication, etc, etc, etc that should come from your Google Reviews Business Listing.
    Then, the reviews that people leave on your actually website are only for the specific product or recipe.

    On this page, you use links to ‘Jump to Recipe’ and also to ‘Print Recipe’.
    I would use this approach to add a link that says ‘Leave a Review’ or ‘Rate this Recipe’ or whatever.

    To edit your comment form is straight-forward, but you’ll need to be comfortable in the backend of your website. Be sure to only do this in a child theme:
    there are also plugins to help:

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