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  • First off, that constructor theme has been amazingly flexible and easy to work with. I am however at a point where I need to dig into the html and css to get what I want. I have been poking around for a few hours and I think its time to post a question.

    First, I want to use the menu in the header but I need to edit it some. I was able to get rid of the dashed lines but I can figure out where the code is for the partially opaque white background. Any ideas?

    My second issue that I need to increase the size of the boarder between the content area and the sidebar. Right now it looks like it is about 10px. I need more like 30px. Also in the content area, I need to remove the semi opaque background that is behind the post titles. It is similar (same?) as what is behind the menu.

    Thanks in advance for the help! Looking forward to knowing enough to give back eventually.

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  • Hi Coulti,

    No worries! I’d be glad to help you out – do you have a link to a live site, or are you developing locally? If it’s live, that’d be best. Could you please post a link if it is? If not, I’ll dig into the theme on a local dev site =)

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