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    This thread from a year ago asked if there was any way to customize the blocked/locked pages that get displayed.

    In that thread there was mention that this might be implemented soon. Unfortunately, I still don’t see a way to change this other than modifying lib/wfLockedOut.php and lib/wf503.php.

    For anyone who wishes to make their Blocked or Locked notifications more secure, i’ve share my modified wfLockedOut.php and wf503.php files on this public GitHub Gist.

    I’m a licensed user, please try to add an option for this into the program so I don’t have to re-copy these files after every update.

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  • dacree1


    What a delight to follow an intelligent, polite, thread on a subject of interest to many users.

    While I have some interest in seeing the UX improved for these error messages, my concern is a little less technical. As primarily a marketing guy, not a techie, my impression is that the error message looks phishy. The unformatted, unstyled, look of the message is suspicious looking. I know, I know. But when I first encountered the message it looked like a hack.

    As for the Wordfence branding, it’s not a big deal to me. But from the end user perspective, without the client branding it’s a little less intuitive. I’m just fine with the Wordfence branding.

    Meanwhile, Wordfence Premium is on all of my client sites and it just keeps getting better. Worth every dollar. And I appreciate the constant updates. I even tolerate the constant “alert” emails for marketing purposes.

    Finally, it would be great to see some sort of utility to improve the look and feel of the error messages.

    Hi all,

    I tried to edit my wf503.php file but it seems to have no effect to the blocked page content, which remains the same no matter how I modify the php file.

    Is there some cache I need to clear? Am I missing something?

    Plugin Support wfphil


    Hello @nicodecetti,

    We recommend that you don’t manually edit any core Wordfence files.

    The post below in this thread illustrates why you shoudn’t do this:

    Thank you.

    With the multiple requests to customize the messaging going back at least more than a year, might I suggest an intermediate suggestion?

    Use WordPress’ standard functionality for this.
    Define the current message string as the default, but simply add a call to apply_filters() with a named wordfence filter-hook before it is passed out to the world.

    That would allow more advanced users to simply add a filter function on their own to modify the messaging on the way out, without needing more setup options in WordFence, without even needing any formal documentation. It would be a “hidden” ability in WordFence that all the people that obviously already read the wf503.php code could use to modify the messaging, without actually being able to change the blocking event itself.

    Filters exist by the hundreds or thousands all over WordPress. Some formally documented, some not.

    Such a change would be simple and fast, one added line of code only, endangering no security aspects, and costing no time to implement at all.
    Yet allowing people “in the know” the ability to extend WordFence by merely filtering a string, without actually editing any WordFence code.

    I agree with Caleb (@crudhunter), that is an excellent solution!

    @wfphil…. did you intend to link to this very post in your reply to @nicodecetti? Seems redundant.

    Would love to get feedback from @azrobbo regarding this suggestion by Caleb!

    Hi folks! The WordPress environment has not actually loaded when the Firewall loads so hooks and filters are not always going to be available. We have a lot of feature requests, and we’re working as fast as we can implementing what we see as most important at any particular point in time. We appreciate all the feedback here of course. Thanks for your thoughts. They’ve been noted and recorded!

    I would like to give my support to this request too !

    i agree, cause, the block msg is in english and i have a brazilian web-site most of the people i had been blocked dont know why they are blocked…

    wow, seriously? that is not good. I sure hope they correct this for you. I checked the options and did not find any settings that related to languages.

    Would be a huge plus if this suggestion will be implemented. A custom msg from admin/webmaster for error

    +1 Please implement!

    Yes. Please add an option to show custom messages for blocked users.

    PS: In addition to the above mentioned 2 files, we also need to edit following file otherwise the default message is shown again if the user refreshes the page:


    +1 Vote to customize the block message. 🙂

    +1 to customize the block message.

    +1 from me, please add the option to have custom block messages (and set the current “fixed” message as a default block message if the user makes no choice). THANK YOU.

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