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  • Hi,

    i choose to try wp-e-commerce for a new shop but i need to customize pretty much everything front-end.

    First stop: The “Add To Cart”-Button. It’s not enough to just change the CSS, i need to change the elements.
    For a lot of reasons i’m not using any provided templating but just include the “add to cart” button via wordpress’ do_shortcode to my template.
    <?php echo apply_filters( 'the_content',' [add_to_cart=92] '); ?>

    This will give me the default HTML for the button. In which file can i change this (ideally to be save from plugin updates)?
    The few instances of the button in the plugins template files like “wpsc-products_page.php” and “wpsc-single_product.php” are not being used for the shortcode.

    To make a long story short:
    Where can i change the “Add-to-Cart”-Button Template/HTML that’s used for the “Add-To-Cart”-Shortcode?

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  • found it. Line 239 in wpsc-includes/display.functions.php
    Sadly, this is not upgrade-save. I’ll change it anyway as i need to customize this stuff.

    While i really appreciate your work and the plugin, you shouldn’t put “100% Customizable” on the front-page.

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