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  • Hello,

    I hope this is the right area to ask my inquiry.

    I am blind and needing some assistance with my wordpress blog.

    I am wishing to modify the behavior of my categories. I hope to explain exactly what I am seeking to accomplish.

    I have two categories. Let’s call them Beer and Wine.

    I have sub categories under each. For beer, I have Bud, Busch, Miller and for Wine I have red, white, dry.

    I have the category setup as a drop down menu so each of the main categories show, beer and wine, then the sub categories under them.

    I want to force wordpress to treat the main categories, beer and wine, as mere labels, and not an actual functioning category. So when someone clicks on either beer or wine, it doesn’t take the person to the beer and wine categories respectively since there won’t be any posts in them. The posts themselves will exist only in the sub categories.

    So the beer and wine categories are empty in other words. The person would need to click on the sub categories instead, Bud, busch, miller, red, white, dry, that takes them to the next page where the posts are for each of those sub categories.

    As it is now, a person can click on the main categories, beer and wine, open it and it displays all of the posts from within all of the sub categories. This behavior disrupts the organizational layout I am seeking.

    Hope this is clear and I wasn’t too “wordy”.

    Thanks in advance,


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