• I’m trying out the Toolkit for the first time. When I activate it, the WordPress Customizer no longer loads. Customizer loads fine when I deactivate the plugin.

    Also, is it expected behavior for all the options to be inaccessible for the login page once that option is activated? If so, it is a frustration not a bug I need to report 🙂

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    Actually, now I see that all options are missing from other areas like creating a new Topic, not even the Publish button is available. I have to deactivate the plugin to create a new topic 🙁

    Plugin Author Uncanny Owl


    Hi Pamela,

    It sounds like an environmental issue. Is there any chance this is shared hosting on a lower version of PHP? Can you confirm that 256MB of memory is allocated to PHP and that you’re running PHP 5.5 or higher? Did you check your browser console to see if any errors are reported or did you try turning WordPress debug on?


    Thread Starter Pamela Wood Browne


    Thanks for the response!

    Well, I decided to use the plugin despite the problem that was affecting my ability to create & edit pages/posts or use the customizer. (I just deactivated the plugin while I finished setting up LearnDash.)

    However, yesterday I discovered that the issue was no longer occurring and it continues to be fine today. So I’m not sure what changed but I’m happy it works fine now!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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