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  • tradesouthwest


    Please, please, please work on making the left-hand panel wider so that Custom CSS can be edited without having to break white space every two words. This is the biggest pain of Customizer and is the worst UX for anyone using it. I do not understand why it does not have the option to make the controls panel at least fifty-percent of the screen width. I would prefer using the Customizer without the preview. It never is accurate and is a waste of perfectly good javascript. Most people will be more satisfied with a wider editor and a less wider preview if they have a better experience editing. I loathe using it but by design you almost have to. Making a wider controls panel would revert the loathing of editing CSS. And widgets. And….

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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    See Definitely a core issue and not something specific to this plugin.

    That being said I personally find that CSS doesn’t typically need much more horizontal space than what’s provided currently. It can become trickier with long selectors, though.

    Can you elaborate on the customizer preview not being accurate? That sounds like a probably issue with your theme or another plugin.




    I personally find that CSS doesn’t typically need much more horizontal space than what’s provided currently.

    You could not be more opinionated about this than what is said. It is nearly impossible to cram enough CSS text into that little tiny box. It is not wide enough. All I am asking, personally, is to get someone to make the whole left hand control center, WIDER and possibly expandable. I would not mentally focus on the CSS writing as an issue. At this point it is only the cake without the icing (or more appropriately, the tip of the iceberg.) What good would a wysiwyg editor be if it were so narrow that you had to put three words on each line… this is an example of what the WP core is NOT thinking about, when they make the Customizer controls panel FIXED WIDTH. How hard is it to make the panel drag-able similar to any other common scroll bar widget: just set cursor on divider and drag to your desired width.

    It is bad enough the Options Panels were taken away from the theme developers. So since we are forced to use the Customizer it would be nice to actually be able to use it for something practical. Believe me, I am not the only one with this viewpoint. I work with [name with held to not be a braggart…lol] and most of the pros speak about how cumbersome it is from both a programmer angle and a common user experience.
    Larry Judd

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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