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  • Hey,

    installed WP 4.8.3 and can’t use the Customizer and the Media Library anymore.

    The Customizer is not saving the changes I did on the website. I changed some copies and clicked “Save and Publish”. But the changes are not shown when I reload the page. I tested with WP 4.6 where the Customizer is working in my production mode.

    The Media Library was working once, but now, no matter which wordpress version, I get the sentence that something went wrong and that I should try it later again. I checked the ftp upload folder and saw that the upload was working, but the WordPress storefront does not show me any images. Just one broken thumbnail image. In the browser console I get the following message in upload.php:21:308

    TypeError: Value is not a sequence

    For both issue I removed all plugins and themes, so should not be plugin or theme related. Also increased php and wp memory limit and checked the ftp folder permissions.

    Many thanks for any help!

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  • Hello, ap087, & welcome. Could you please provide a site url?

    1 thing I’m thinking is that your WordPress update may not have completed properly. It’s usually best to use either your hosting provider’s file manager or, in this case, even better an FTP (preferably secure FTP), client like Filezilla to upload the WordPress files manually.

    You should also check your post_max_size & upload_max_filesize and increase them, if necessary.

    There are other things we can try, but let’s do this first. Again, a site url may prove really helpful.

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