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  • After few happy days when I was able to preview and make changes to theme via customizer (long dark line from dashboard was present all across customizer at the top, when it worked), now again the same problem. There is no dark dashboard line on the top and customizer actually do not show ANYTHING on the left side. So customizing theme (like a background banner etc) is impossible.

    I really don’t know what causing that. I have cleaned and reinstalled complete PC, re-installed browser (Firefox), all is again the same. So conclusion is, that is not something from my side (no way), rather from WordPress side.

    I really don’t know why you guys are doing this to people who gave you trust Carte Blanche. Your maintenance is poor (again) and seems you doing it deliberately to make our life with WordPress harder than it should be, aware that most of people are not coders so forcing them to BUY a lot better “Premium” themes and have no problems.

    If that is your goal, sorry guys but you are on very wrong path and will gradually lose customers, along with your REPUTATION. 🙁

    Do something to make WP work as it should be! Otherwise I will find a way to have a simple god-damn blog without hassles and headaches. New, stable and simpler blogging platforms and softwares are growing like mushrooms FYI…

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  • Where is your site hosted? WordPress.ORG does not host any sites or sell anything – or promote buying premium anything.

    And also be aware that these forums are staffed by volunteers – WordPress.ORG does not have paid staff.

    If your site is hosted on WordPress.COM, you’re on the wrong forums. Otherwise, please include more details about your site –

    Standard troubleshooting is to deactivate ALL plugins to see if that fixes the problem. If not, leave them off and switch to a default theme – twentyfifteen. If that resolves the issue, reverse your steps one by one to find out what’s causing it.

    I didn’t mean specifically, I meant WP as a whole organization. I don’t post at because I am not a member and and don’t have hosting with them. My site is hosted by Dreamhost and all worked well until few weeks ago, when I noticed prob’s with Customizer.

    Prior to that I was able to preview any installed Theme and make changes in look.

    Now, Customizer doesn’t allow me that, only preview for NOT activated theme, but you can’t make changes for not activated theme.. If theme IS activated, leftt side of customizer is EMPTY and if there is not customization theme options at dashboard, you cant do anything. Some of themes allow you to change banner, background etc. but most of them not, just few not important things, asking you to pay for pro-version to give you more options.

    I did everything you said about uninstalling plugins nothing helped. I went to twenty fifteen, but it is not what I wanted. Changing look (putting wide banner or nav. menu on top) is not possible.

    However, when I returned to my first installed theme “Stargazer” everything returned as it was, even I deleted them from root of hosting provider. Even background, which I btw. CAN’T change now into something different because Customizer doesn’t work anymore and there is no options at WP dashboard. Only for widgets. Not for banner, bgrd, site layout or anything.

    After this experience I realized that part of the problem lies in hosting database who somehow “remembers” and keep track of previous installations even they are deleted from root. But this shouldn’t affect WP dashboard itself, because they are not connected.

    So I returned to my first version of installed site as it is. With other themes, I don’t have either banner, bgrd and NO MENUS whatsoever. All of that because customizer do not allow me to “customize” site as per my wish and as his name says is supposed to do so (left Customizier side is empty).

    So it seems I am forever “married” with “Stargazer”. I mean not bad theme Mr Tadlock, but child and main are interdependent and interconnected. You can’t change ANYTHING in child theme without changimng main theme and that is possible only by hard coding.

    My hosting company even changed complete Database and made new to see if that would help, but nothing happened. They said btw that they are not allowed to “flush” DB (which would probably resolve cache issue).

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    I’m sorry you are having a hard time of it but what you are describing isn’t the normal WordPress software behavior. And what you’ve posted makes it seem like it may be a hosting issue.

    Can you share the URL to your site? It may help if other volunteers can look and see your site.

    Hello my volunteers,

    I’ am sorry ’cause didn’t know you are at WP because of love. I respect and share your enthusiasm, passion and efforts. As you say “it is probably hosting issue” I wouldn’t agree completely.

    As a proof there is latest news from Sarah Godin (a spokes-woman of WP) which I just got at my dashboard. She’s addressing at her “WP Tavern” exact issue I am having. They plan to implement new plugin and new Customizer functionality at WP 4.2 who is now in Beta stage, somewhere in April.

    Customizer Theme Switcher Officially Proposed for WordPress 4.2

    So here we are – they ( developers?) admitted that there IS a problem and is a HUGE, since will require “a large effort”. That’s OK, but I honestly don’t see the purpose of Customizer (or any application who doesn’t work). This prob. had to be addressed while ago and simply take this option off, exchanging it for something that does work.

    My site is now is OK, but with all limitation I outlined in previous posts. Absolutely nothing can be changed, including eventually new theme. You can’t help, because it is obviously deeper WP platform developers issue.

    I appreciate your understanding and willingness to help, but let all stay for a month and see what wizards will do.

    Thx again.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Thanks for the recognition of us volunteers. That’s always nice. 😉

    The concern I have is that this WPTavern article does not describe what you’ve described. That article describes an enhancement that is currently available as a feature plugin in 4.2 beta. It’s an enchancement and not a fix for your problem.

    This is what you’ve written above.

    After few happy days when I was able to preview and make changes to theme via customizer (long dark line from dashboard was present all across customizer at the top, when it worked), now again the same problem.

    It was working for you and now it’s not.

    Your setup is unstable and we’d like to help you sort that out. That will require that you work with us if you want to. But we’re not mind readers (well, most of us here anyways) and so far you haven’t given us enough information to help you.

    (Also WordPress is not WordPress.COM and there is not one company that controls the development of WordPress. That’s not semantics, it’s the truth.)

    If you can provide a URL for us to look at and go through the basic troubelshooting steps then we may be able to help you. Or don’t, it’s up to you. 😉

    Well, OK Mr. Jan:

    I appreciate your wish to help me and all kudos to you and your colleagues. It is not always the case someone wants to do that esp. being a volunteer. So I am taking any opinion seriously and believe you esp. ’cause I see honesty in you approach.

    To truly understand what is happening with god damn Customizer, I must open you door to go INSIDE at my dashboard (because from outside all looks OK), to take a closer look and study it. Then hopefully find a cause or even resolve problem.

    In order to do that I will temporary change password for you guys and let you go inside. Have fun!

    My site is –

    ID-username (which I can’t change)is: [redacted]
    PW (temporary, for you) is: [redacted]

    Some instructions:

    1) I made complete site backup right now, but anyway, please do not change my site, menus, widgets and plugins it will break site structure (I noticed esp. menus are very sensitive)

    2) you can de-activate present “Kepler” site/theme and activate new theme (one that I liked was: “Smart Line”) and play with Customizeras per wish. You will notice this theme do not have banner and has only two top pages (as many others) and was impossible to customize. Otherwise it’s nice.

    3) No need to rush, I can wait.

    Everything is now in your hands and I expect your analysis at my e-mail.

    Good luck!

    I’m sure Jan will be along when he has time :), but I just removed your login info from your post – that’s never good to post on a very public forum. And these forums don’t offer that level of support, sorry.

    Also, please to change that login info on your site – from a security standpoint, it’s still gone public even having been posted for 5 minutes.

    And these forums don’t offer that level of support, sorry.

    Sorry, I don’t understand you WPyogi. Read carefully above posts and what Jan wrote above you. I didn’t want support from you guys. HE offered me support himself and asked me if would accept it. I agreed. So what is problem now? If you don’t want to do that, whom I have to ask?

    Otherwise, I changed pw.

    I’m sorry if there have been misunderstandings about this. So to clarify, forum volunteers can offer suggestions to help you fix your site, but people here can’t fix your site for you – which is what I meant by “these forums don’t offer that level of support.” If you need that kind of help, we generally suggest that you hire someone – one place to do so would be here:

    Or, we can offer suggestions for you to try to hopefully get your site working – or at least narrow down what might be causing those problems. There can be many causes (plugins, themes, server, WP), so it does take a bit of work and sometimes trial and error to do that.

    If you’d like to try, the first standard troubleshooting steps is to deactivate your plugins and see if that changes how the Dashboard is working. If not, leave them off and switch to a default theme (twentyfifteen) to see if it’s a theme-specific issue.

    Sorry to repeat but I must remind you again of what Jan said. He is a nice guy ho was willing to help (on best way he could), but obviously you stopped him as a Mod. I understand you don’t do want your guys to fix one user’s problem because you’re not paid for such a work. However, I saw literally MILLIONS of post exactly here on with user requests for help, while you said “I am at wrong place”? Maybe I could exchange ideas with some of other users, however I think is late because I had it enough…

    What you said about probable causes for such a weird behavior of WordPress dashboard I know that already. To “hire”(pay) someone for free blog fixing I have no intentions whatsoever. No one can fix bad blogging platform and you know that. It is not about what theme or plugin is used. The problem is WordPress platform instability in its’ core and poor maintenance.

    FYI, my site has broke again few hours ago, without me touching anything and for no reason. Menus again do not show properly, which was the reason I uninstalled and deleted this theme before and tried install another. Got even worse results…

    I think is time to switch to another CSM platform with better support and stability.

    Thank you anyway and close this topic. I am leaving WP.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Jan is a mod too, but nobody stopped him from posting. WPyogi hasn’t stopped anyone else from posting too.

    As you’ve now switched to another CMS, I am going to close this topic.

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