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  • afisette


    Nice, its clean and i like it. Maybe you can try with a smaller size font 🙂 thats all i have to say



    Very Nice. The wrapper appears to be a couple of pixels too wide. The banner doesn’t reach the right edge in IE.



    Thanks! I have found that sometimes the wrapper is a bit funny with IE (looks fine on firefox).. I’m sure there’s just an inconsistency in the dimensions of the CSS or something..



    Nice and simple. I like it.



    Looks nice. Clean and simple to read.

    One little thing is that you have the link there saying that it’s valid XHTML – click it and it says that it’s not, so you might want to remove the link or fix the errors 😉



    I strongly dislike target=”_blank” …



    The XHTML was all valid until I added the feedburner logo/link– it is flagging as invalid because of an ampersand in the link. I just recognized today that it is no longer valid, and am working to sort that out.



    ALex that is amazing mate.. I have got to have my blog like yours.. specially having it fill the whole screen and have tabs at the top..

    can i ask what theme you used.. anyway of getting the zip from you and then ill modify to my style?



    Believe it or not, I started with the WordPress ‘Classic’ theme and customized the RSS myself. The tabs at the top are using internal WP functions and CSS. The second level of menu items (children) is adapted from that; the second tier of tabs is something I had to code myself in PHP/MySQL because there were no WP functions to establish parent/child relationships and highlight the specific tab that was the child. (Hence the code isn’t quite pretty, and includes many calls directly to my database to determine if the page is a child or has a child, etc.)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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