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  1. b_polpot
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    Dear all
    I have been reading about this but don't seem to find any working solution.

    I have this website with customized theme

    I simply want to have images larger than the text. To be precise, while I want my text block to be 600px wide, I would like my images to be able to be 950px wide max.

    For you to know:
    - I asked my web developer who worked on the theme, he tells me there is no way to do this in WordPress. I trust him but seems hard to believe.
    - I worked with the media settings setting the max image width to 1024px, but even if I use it when adding media to the posts, it doesn't work and images keep being automatically resized.
    - If here in the style.css

    img.size-full {
    	max-width: 100%;
    	width: auto; /* Prevent stretching of full-size images with height and width attributes in IE8 */

    I change from max-width: 100%; to max-width: 950px; it works, but the images float in the page in a very messy way.

    Is there any way around this using proper code in the css?

    Thanks a lot for any help you might give!

  2. b_polpot
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  3. Please do not bump, that's not permitted here.

    You're not aware of it but putting [Customized theme] (now deleted) does nothing for your topic. Please do not do that.

    Looks like that's not a theme in the WordPress theme repo. You'll have to contact the theme author for support.


    If it is a theme that is in the WordPress theme repository can you share that URL?

  4. b_polpot
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey Jan
    sorry for that.

    Thanks, I will try to figure out this with my developer then.

    You can delete the topic if you like...


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