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    I don’t have a base shop page selected so that I can have a customized design for the shop homepage. For some reason, though, the shop page defaults to the woocommerce layout. The shop page has had a custom design every since I started it, but seems to have defaulted to woocommerce layout with one of the recent updates. Not sure which one cuz I never noticed it until recently.

    Please help!


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  • link to shop:

    As I recall, WooCommerce must have a shop page, so set one up, then go to:
    Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products tab > Display and set the shop page drop down to your new shop page.

    But, just because you have a WooCommerce shop page, you don’t have to make it accessible to users. Don’t have it as a menu item and don’t link to it.

    Thanks for your help. It doesn’t work. I created a fake shop page and made it the default shop page in woocommerce, and have the real shop page in the menu. For some reason it still uses the base woocommerce shop layout instead of my customized shop. Maybe it’s SHOP being in the url? I don’t know what the problem is.


    Here are some debug steps you can try, in order:

    If you are running a cache plugin, delete all cached content and deactivate this plugin until the problem is fixed. Looks like you have something called “Cache Enabler”

    Make sure there are no shop pages in the bin.

    Did you reset permalinks. Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and click “Save changes” twice (even if there are no changes).

    Have a look for and delete any relevant _wp_old_slug values. You can do this in the database but I think its easier to use Booster (free)
    Choose the “Emails and Misc” section, Old Slugs module, enable it. Then in the settings for this module, run the “remove old slugs” tool.

    Temporarily rename .htaccess. If it works now you will know the problem is in that file.

    Temporarily deactivate other plugins and switch to the default theme to be able to rule out a conflict.

    You’re a genius! It worked. I can’t thank you enough. I would have never figured it out. I had HUNDREDS of old urls that needed to be deleted.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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