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  • Path Theme: The theme is great, but I have a question…
    Is it possible to customize menu (in sidebar) per parent page – to get different customized secondary menu per parent page??

    Many thanks in advance for your support

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  • Hi,
    Perhaps the easiest way to do this is with the custom menu widget and the plugin – Widget Master |

    Let me know if this helps.

    Many thanks for your response. I will try it…

    Soory, it does not seem to work properly…
    Ok, it is activated, but it does not seem to work in the way I need or maybe I miss something???
    I need for every single parent page to display different customized menu, related to this parent particularly page. Is it possible at all?

    Many thanks in adavance for any help, advise…

    I would use the plugin Custom sidebars.

    Make a sidebar for each page, and then use the menu widget to create a menu for each of the sidebars.

    Let me know if it’s the solution.

    I tried it – Custom sidebars, but I do no seem to be working properly…

    I also tried the others plugins (like Page Specific Menu Items, Simple Page Sidebars and Widgets Master) – Complete disappointment
    Description sound great but in real life – is complete nonsense

    Or maybe I do something wrong??

    Yes maybe, I use it on 4 sites, with both free and premium themes, and it just works.

    I will take a look on the Path theme to see if it won’t work together with the plugin.

    It should be a straight forward procedure.

    I’ll be back 🙂

    I can see why it’s teasing you, the Path theme has a lot of sidebars.

    The Custom sidebars plugin has been updated, and is not so straight forward as it used to be.

    It can be done, and it’s still easy, but it involves creating the menus and the sidebars.

    Then you assign the sidebars to the pages or posts, where you want to display the different menus

    English is not my language, maybe I make it sound more complicated than it is.

    I could try to make a small video, showing the procedure with the path theme, if you like.

    If you are as new to WordPress as you are to this forum, I can understand why you think it’s hard, in the beginning the dashboard and all the settings can be quite intimidating.

    And welcome to the world of WordPress, the greatest open source project on earth.

    Yes, I am new to wordpress and am still struggling.
    Many thanks for your support. It is indeed appreciated.

    Regarding Custom sidebars plugin – I have created a few menus associated to their parent pages, but it does not work – to display different customized menu related to their parent page.

    Any advise would be highly appreciated…

    Are the parent pages shown in the menubar?

    Are the items you want in the different menus on different pages, childs of the parent pages, where the menu pointing to them are placed?

    If this is the case, why don’t you make the Childs as submenu items to the Parents, in the menubar, with the Childs specific to a parent shown below.

    It would be more user friendly, as returning visitors could go direct to the page they want to visit, instead of always have to go by the parent page, you save your regular users a click.

    If I’m wrong here, I will try to make a short guide, to show you how you do it with the custom sidebars and menus.

    Let me know 🙂

    Many thanks for your response…

    Yes, you are right. That is possible and probably the easiest way to do it – “Childs as submenu items to the Parents, in the menubar, with the Childs specific to a parent”.

    But I thought it would have been tidy & nice to have it on the secondary sidebar (either left or right).

    But it does not seem to be easy…:(

    I don’t know which kind of blog you are building, but if you want to attract visitors and keep them on the site. You have to think about user experience, you have to give them the most straight and forward access to your content.

    The rule of thumb here is, the fewer clicks the better. People expect the menu to behave in a certain way, and the content to be easy to reach.

    With the way you would like it, you are hiding your content, until the user, hopefully, click on a parent page, first at this point they realise there is more content. Anybody with some online experience would advice against it.

    You have about 10 to 15 sec to catch the attention of a visitor, so you want to show as much as possible.

    The way I suggest, a user who hover over the menu, will see that there is more content on the topic of the parent, than just the parent.

    Maybe one of your Child pages, is more appealing to some users, than the Parent page. These users are lost for sure, if you just show the Childs after they clicked the Parent.

    If you really want it the way, with the different menus on different pages, I will try to make an understandable guide to you. Just let me know 🙂

    Greetings from sunny Denmark 🙂

    Thanks you for your support.

    I agree with all your comments. Just was keen to have more flexibility with wordpress, particularly with menu’s customization – in this case it relates to Path Theme. Unfortunately, there are some limitations with customization, or it takes lots of efforts and time. In this case, using WordPress does not seem to be very attractive, as the main aim is to save time creating websites. Not always…
    Or maybe I miss something as I am new to it… Still learning…

    Initially I was trying to get menus designed as at .
    This website was designed by myself using old-fashioned tools, but it takes lots of time. Using wordpress takes less time but there are some limitations with customization. Nothing seems to be perfect:(

    I am very thankful for all your support, it is highly appreciated.

    There is a big difference in using a CMS and static html pages, And there is pro’s and con’s with both ways.

    I admit it can be a hard start with WordPress, but there is a reward in it at last, the shere numbers of WP- sites talks for it self.

    I was just about to give up at start, and continue the way I knew, like you are now. To me it was the enormous amounts of themes and plugins, that made my head spin.

    I would like if you gave it a chance, just because I love WP. I think it’s the greatest open source project in the world. A friendly and helpful community, I like to contribute, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

    Often it’s about the right theme, there is a theme for everything. Maybe you should go for a theme with the right functions, and then adjust the look. Functions are hard to code, the look is easier.

    If you know html and css, then you should look into making a Child theme, you can read about it in the codex at It’s a shortcut to make your own themes, with another theme as base or parent.

    I’ve tried several times to take a look on, but for some reason I can’t reach it today. I think it’s a local thing, because of the weather.

    There’s a thunderstorm south, and 30 degree celsius in the shade, very unusual in Denmark, it disturbes both tv and the net.

    Hot greetings from Denmark and happy blogging

    Many thanks for your support.Yes, it seems to be not so easy to do it WordPress. And yes, the enormous amounts of themes and plugins, make my head also spin – it is hard to choose the one.
    But will give to it another chance – I am stubborn..

    Am very thankful for your support..

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    I’m not sure what was the original question. But if you want to have different menus in sidebar you can use Navigation Menu Widget.

    1. First create different menus under Appearance >> Menus
    2. Then put those menus in sidebar using Navigation Menu Widget
    3. Instal plugin like Widget Visibility and set those widgets to show only on page you want
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