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    Hi guys
    Waiting for my website to be ready, I would like to show a custom page, (a picture for example )instead of the maintenance mode message.( i’m using the “maintenance mode” pluggin v.5.4)
    I dont want a countdown or the standard message, just want to display an image with a logo.
    Couldnt find a way to do this, I’m sure its obvious for you, it isnt for me. Is there an easy way to do it? (Im a beginner in wordpress)

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  • Go to Plugins>Editor, choose the maintenance mode plugin and find the right place to edit stuff.

    Or use a different plugin.

    One does not need a plugin for maintenance mode. Maintenance mode is simply a file in the root named .maintenance. The file should include this PHP at the very top (for no set time):

    <?php $upgrading = time(); ?>

    and this at the very bottom:

    <?php die(); ?>

    In between those add valid HTML with what you want in it to the .maintenace file. Test before using on server.

    Note: I have had no issues with many sites when this process for upgrade is followed using FTP:

    1. Backup site fully and also database.
    2. Deactivate all plugins.
    3. Switch to (unedited) default theme.
    4. Upload .maintenance file.
    5. Use FTP to update core WP files, theme, or plugins to latest versions carefully noting any custom content and replacing. NOTE: The folder wp-content contains your themes and plugins, do not replace this folder, just remove specific folders within that are related to your theme or plugins that need updating and upload new versions. Ensure compatability of all plugins with version of WP and your theme first!
    6. Remove .maintenance file.
    7. Login admin, activate theme and test. Activate plugins ONE at a time, test. Make sure that any plugins that are complimentary to another are activated in proper order.

    All done.

    Has never failed for me.

    If failure: Upload .maintenance file right away. Create new db in host and import backup to it. Remove files using FTP (except .maintenance file) and put back old files making sure to update db strings in wp.config.php. Remove .maintenance file. Run site.

    Whats your email.
    i can send you a premium plugin which i normally use!

    .maintenace mode is a PHP function and actually is used for PHP sites, which WordPress happens to use. Again, no plugin needed nor would I recommend using one.

    Thank you for your answers. Where can I find the .maintenance file? it doesnt show up on my ftp.

    Create it.

    Ok fellows
    I did create the .maintenance file and my picture shows up on the public page. It also appears on my private page…

    this is the code I used in the .maintenance file :
    <div style=”text-align: center;”>
    <img src=”wp-content/pizza.jpg”>

    If I remove the maintenance mode pluggin, how do I make my website private, while I’m working on it?
    Dont you think there is a file in this pluggin, where I can add the precedent code instead of the standard maintenance message?

    This does not make your site public or private it makes it unaccessible (and visitors see your .maintenance file’s html).

    I have clearly outlined in above how to use a .maintenance file.

    Also, you should wrap above in <html> tags and can add a <head>.

    All good this works thanks !

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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