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  • Hi

    I have some questions regarding a new site that I want to set up in WordPress. It will be a kind of wallpaper page with several categories in which I want not to set up as blog categories but as page categories. I also want to be able to customize my top header menu. Another reason that I want to get rid of some items is that there is not enough space if I set them up horizontally.

    1) Is there a plug-in where I can customize my header menu?

    Lets say I have this structure:

    * Home
    * Blog
    * About
    * Products
    * Contact
    * Other
    * Specials

    … and I decide to exclude from menu items OTHER and SPECIALS on the header menu for special reasons. So I hope there is a plug-in which can easily fix that for me.

    2) Ok, let’s also say that I want to show OTHER and SPECIALS in a sidebar widget menu only. Is there a plug-in for that?

    3) Let’s say that I have created several pages like this:

    * Sports
    * Animals
    * Movies
    * Cars
    * Nature

    …and with these I want specialized/customized sidebars. My problem now is if I create a sidebar it will show on every page. I want to get rid of that. My wish is to have a structure like this one:

    * Sports Page with a page widget with links to sub-pages like this:

    – Soccer
    – Football
    – Horse Racing
    – Other

    … so if there’s a plug-in which can fix that, I’ll appreciate if anyone can point me to a download page

    Finally, is there a common thing that can fix all this inside a control panel or something? If not, that must be a very good idea for an advanced programmer to create something that can handle all this 🙂

    I have made a huge research and tried some plug-ins but I feel that they cannot fix my problems. Unfortunately I’m not an advanced programmer but anyhow I understand a number of php code through some tweaking.

    Thanks in advance

    Andy H

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