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  1. elizabethtownfamily
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am using WordPress 3.3.1. and the theme ZeeDisplay 1.0.6..

    My question is this: If a theme requires changes to be made in order to have it look how I want, and regular updates keep coming out for both wordpress and the theme itself, what is the most effective way to keep up with this?

    --Do people really do these changes every time...by hand...


    --Are people just finding themes that meet their needs?


    something else?

    I'm trying to not over complicate the way I'm doing things, and I'm the first to admit, I have lots to learn.

    my site is - elizabethtownfamily.com

  2. widelegger
    Posted 4 years ago #

    If you want to customize an existing theme, I would recommend you look at creating your own child theme which holds all your own customizations in files separate from the parent theme you are working from. You really only should be editing the theme files in /wp-content/themes/. Definitely refrain from making any edits to the core WordPress files found elsewhere in your install. These docs are a good place to start:


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