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    Please I need help with the following in the WCFM plugin:

    1. I would like to customize my store for an ebook layout hence, i would like to remove all shipping, billing, inventory labels and sections whether it is in the product creation section or otherwise across the site.

    2. I would like to change some of the labels/terms on the site to fit my niche of ebooks.

    3. I would like for the product category to be automatically selected including the virtual and downloadable boxes as even though I have disabled other product categories, it is just not enough.

    Thank you very much

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    Well, everything is possible. You may disable all these using either from WCFM Modules or from capability setting.

    I would like for the product category to be automatically selected

    – This is not clear to me, how categories will be selected automatically? I mean, what will be the condition?

    Thank You

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    Hello, Thank you for your reply.

    Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.
    1. even though shipping, inventory settings have been disabled in the modules and settings, they still show up in areas such as when adding a products in the panel on the left, I would like for all shipping, delivery, stock sections, billing details during checkout, etc to disappear and cannot be seen by the vendor or the customer. I hope you have a code or something for that.
    —Can the simple product section not show up, just the virtual/download boxes?

    2. About the product category, I have figured it out.

    3. How about changing the labels on tabs, sections to renaming them to being more suitable for my niche

    4. how about displaying the list of vendors (authors) with their bio/profile and the number of products (books) they have on a separate page instead of a store list.

    I hope its not too mcuch. thank you.

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    Hello, are you around anymore? i really need these solutions fast as i need to finish the store by thursday

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